Alan Belcher defeats Chase DeMoor in chaotic debacle at Misfits Boxing 8

Alan Belcher faces Chase DeMoor at Misfits 8
Alan Belcher faces Chase DeMoor at Misfits 8 | Misfits Twitter

Alan Belcher’s Misfits Boxing debut was a mess.

On Saturday night, Belcher was supposed to face Hasim Rahman Jr. in a highly-anticipated boxing match at Misfits Boxing 8, but when an injury forced Rahman off the card, former Too Hot to Handle star and influencer Chase DeMoor stepped in on 24-hours’ notice to save the day. Unfortunately, what resulted was a debacle.

DeMoor spent much of the fight using his length to stay away from Belcher, posting his lead arm out and stiff-arming Belcher away from him while retreating. When Belcher would get past the lead hand, DeMoor then clinched, clearly looking purely to survive the three-round exhibition, which left the former BKFC heavyweight champion visibly frustrated.

To make matters worse, in the corner before the final round, DeMoor’s coaches told him to focus on survival, even encouraging their charge to disregard the referee when told to break from clinches. Belcher, in turn, responded by bringing the aggression to start the round, swinging for the fences and trying to bait DeMoor into engaging with him. And then all hell broke loose.

Belcher managed to back DeMoor up to the ropes, where he unloaded with big shots, causing DeMoor to turn away into his own corner, at which point referee Anthony Bryant jumped in and DeMoor’s cornerman began shouting about illegal punches to the back of the head. Bryant then started arguing with DeMoor’s corner, all while the fight was still going on. After a back-and-forth between the two, Bryant then tried to restart the bout, but DeMoor’s corner gave their fighter water, again, despite the bout still not being over.

Unable to stop DeMoor or his corner, Bryant allowed the transgression to happen and then simply restarted the bout, at which point Belcher came out attacking. DeMoor did his best to survive, but after turning his back to Belcher one more time, Bryant finally stopped the bout, declaring Belcher the winner by TKO and putting an end to the calamity.

Following the bout, Belcher and Rahman Jr. had a brief in-ring faceoff, talking to each other about squaring off once Rahman is all healed up.

Check out highlights from the bout below.

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