Day of Reckoning: Fight Night
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Watch Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin full fight video highlights from their eight-round cruiserweight contest, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Joshua vs. Wallin took place Dec. 23 at Freedom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Anthony Joshua (27-3) and Otto Wallin (26-2, 1 no-contest) competed in a heavyweight contest.

Result: Anthony Joshua defeated Otto Wallin via fifth-round knockout

Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Joshua vs. Wallin, check out the live blog below.

Round 1: Joshua the aggressor right away. Good jab pressure as he looks to set up that right hand. Hard right to the body by Joshua. Wallin can’t take too many of those. Joshua’s jab looking good. Wallin starts to establish his jab, which works to counter a Joshua lunge. Joshua scores with a jab, both fighters having success working in the middle of the ring. Wallin fires a straight left to the body. Joshua goes to his right hand, blocked. Quick left from Wallin to end the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Joshua.

Round 2: Joshua with a right to the body. He’s utilizing the jab well. Wallin pokes Joshua with a jab. Left hook by Joshua. Wallin with a left that has Joshua circling and resetting. Good right hand by Joshua. Neither fighter giving up much ground yet. Wallin paws with a right, Joshua answers with a jab. He ventures forward with a looping right that deosn’t hit. Counter left by Wallin. Joshua ends the round with a jab. Two competitive rounds so far.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Joshua. Overall, 20-18 Joshua.

Round 3: Wallin pressuring with his jab now. Joshua sticks the body, but it’s not keeping Wallin off of him. Joshua still finding the range as Wallin gives him a freebie and steps into a right hand. Wallin to the body. Big left hook from Joshua. Another good body shot scores for Joshua. Wallin having difficulty throwing without getting hit. Clearest round yet for the former champion.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Joshua. Overall, 30-27 Joshua.

Round 4: Wallin jabbing away, but he’s consistently losing that battle. Joshua pumping jabs to the head and body. Wallin slips a jab through. Scary right hand from Joshua shaves Wallin’s chin. Wallin focusing on defense as Joshua hunts for an opening to land with power. Nice counter left by a circling Wallin. Joshua cuts off the ring and Wallin has to work his way out of the corner. They trade right hands.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Joshua. Overall, 40-36 Joshua.

Round 5: Joshua connects with a right hand early. He’s fighting with a ton of confidence. That jab is money and he follows it with a straight right. There’s another Joshua right to the body. Wallin opens up and eats a left hand for his troubles, that rocked him. Joshua smells blood, he’s got a minute left to work in this round. Right hook blocked and Wallin looks to have recovered. Joshua rips the body. A left hook has Wallin retreating just before the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Joshua. Overall, 50-45 Joshua.

Never mind the scoring. Wallin’s corner has seen enough and they’re saving their fighter. Commentary says that Wallin might have a broken nose.

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