Embroiled in a legal battle over money he claims to be owed from Conor McGregor over Proper 12 Whiskey, retired fighter Artem Lobov has taken to social media to post some receipts.

At the heart of Lobov’s claim is that McGregor allegedly promised him a percentage of the take when McGregor signed on to launch Proper 12 in 2018. It’s a deal Lobov, a former friend and training partner of McGregor, claims he helped facilitate.

Posting a series of text messages on social media, “The Russian Hammer” Lobov on Friday presented what appeared to be a conversation between himself and McGregor.

Lobov: “Flawless work tonight! I loved every second, you were never there for me to hit but always there to hit me! Perfection!”

McGregor: “Thank you brother for all your work. I’ve got you with this fight brother.”

McGregor: “This fight and this whiskey deal I am going to look after you! You are always there for me brother and I appreciate all your work.”

Lobov: “Thank you so much Conor, I won’t take anything for the camp as it’s great for me and my skill also and I am delighted to be here, so please don’t send me money for it, please! The whiskey is going to be huge!!! Audie told me that you are giving me a percentage, thank you very much for that, it’s going to be a massive success.”

McGregor: “Don’t worry about it my brother.”

The texts are dated August 20, 2017.

Audie would be Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports, McGregor’s manager. Lobov, meanwhile, was ordered to pay legal costs to McGregor at the start of 2023, after failing in a claim that the Irish star had been harassing and slandering him on social media. Payment was postponed, however, pending the outcome of the whiskey case.

In a second post to social media, Lobov wrote that “I’ve been the most loyal friend to Conor, never allowed myself to take money from my brother for camps, because we helped each other achieve our dreams! Its been an honour for me to help him build his biggest business.”

Artem Lobov finished his MMA career with a record of 13-15-1, 1NC, but stuck it out in the UFC longer than expected thanks to his association with McGregor, and some entertaining fights. Post-UFC, he made the move to BKFC, going 2-2 with a 2019 Fight of the Year Performance against Jason Knight. Lobov also secured a win over boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi.

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