A referee went on the offensive Friday night at Shuan Boxing Promotion (SBP) in Dominican Republic when he attacked a boxer following an unnecessary sucker punch.

Fight fans have almost seen everything there is to see when it comes to combat sports. They even witnessed the president of Karate Combat choking out a wild cornerman during a melee on Friday night. But it’s truly rare to see a referee fight back when being challenged by a fighter inside the ring.

That’s exactly what happened Friday night as boxers Angel Cruz and Julio De Jesus squared off on the SBP card. It wasn’t the most entertaining matchup of the night, but a hard right hand by Cruz in Round 2 forced the referee to step in for the stoppage. It may have certainly been early, but De Jesus did look dazed.

After being handed a defeat, De Jesus decided to sucker punch the referee as he was walking away. It was shocking to say the least, but what happened next was even more insane. The referee must have flipped a switch in his head because he turned right back around and tracked down De Jesus to uncork his own punch. The two were quickly broken up and the referee decided to exit the ring to flee the scene.

It was a memorable moment that really has no place in professional combat sports. Check it out above/below and let us know your thoughts:

Author: Staff

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