Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), The World’s Fastest Growing Sport, has entered into the NFT arena offering fans a chance to win a real-life, backstage experience at BKFC-19 set for Friday, July 23. The backstage experience includes a walkout in Tampa, FL, at the Florida State Fairgrounds with some of the biggest stars from combat sports, TikTok, Instagram and the rap world. BKFC-19 will broadcast on the BKTV APP, (8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT) in addition to globally on FITE.TV.

BKFC is known throughout the combat sports world for following an aggressive rule set in which fighters compete bare-knuckled. With each event, the rapidly expanding company grows in popularity. At BKFC-9 in November 2019, the organization matched former UFC fighters Jason Knight and Artem Lobov against one another.

Now it’s time for some of the world’s most formidable up-and-coming online personas and fighters to face off in a one-of-a-kind showdown. All of the excitement will be captured on the blockchain through an NFT and virtual reality experience, with some lucky winners getting a chance to view the entire event backstage and walk out with their favorite fighters.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship NFT Offering

As part of its first NFT offering, BKFC fans can purchase a virtual NFT streaming pack. Included among those that purchase the virtual NFT streaming pack, eight (8) lucky winners who buy the streaming pack will be selected for an all-expense-paid trip to Tampa, Florida, to watch the event from backstage and walk out with one of the eight featured fighters.

In addition to the live stream virtualization pass, fans will be awarded a limited edition NFT of their favorite fighters backstage and walkout experience to keep on the blockchain forever. The NFT token will be airdropped after the event. The token includes the complete capture of the backstage and walkout experiences through a virtualized AR experience.

Some of the notable fighters on the card for BKFC 19 include:

  • ● Paige VanZant (IG: @paigevanzant | TikTok: @akickasslovestory)
  • ● Rachael Osotvich (IG: @rachalostovich)
  • ● Blueface (IG: @bluefasebleedem | TikTok: @bluefacebleedem)
  • ● Kane Trujillo (IG: @kanetrujillo | TikTok: @kane)
  • ● Dakota Olave (IG: @dakotaolave | TikTok: @dakotaolave)
  • ● Evil Hero (IG: @evilheroyt |TikTok: @evilheroyt)
  • ● Nick Ireland (IG: @nickireland99 | TikTok: @nickireland99)
  • ● DK Money (IG: @dkmoneyy | TikTok: @dkmoney.y)

The eight backstage and walkout experiences will be randomly selected via smart contracts for this first-ever offering by BKFC. This NFT backstage walkout experience will be history in the making for fight sports fans around the world.

Augmented Reality Experience

In addition, BKFC will offer a majority of these fighters inside of an Augmented Reality metaverse as a part of the fighting world’s first-ever AR metaverse experience on the blockchain before the July 23 event in Tampa, FL.

Fight fans of BKFC will be able to enter a real 3D metaverse and purchase an augmented reality avatar of their favorite fighter to have forever. This will allow the fans to experience meeting their favorite fighters in a virtual way that has never been done in any combat sport ever before.

NFT Token Scarcity

The NFT collectibles awarded to walkout experience participants will be randomized by scarcity across three levels:

● GOLD (Rare)

● SILVER (Scare)

● BRONZE (Common)

The tokens that are minted will be eligible for a secondary sale across other markets. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will play host to this exciting opportunity on the FOMO LABS NFT marketplace, The Avenue.

The most exciting part about this opportunity for fans is that they will be able to purchase these NFT’s with credit cards and it will require zero knowledge of cryptocurrency to be involved.

NFT Launch Partners

Some of the other partners responsible for the event include FomoLabs, Miami Crypto Board, and BountyBase. Tickets and more information about the event can be found here:

“Catch All Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Action at”

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