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In the light heavyweight distance battle, Poland’s Bartlomiej Krol, (2-0) defeated ‘Goscha’, (0-1), of the United Kingdom, went toe to toe with his British counterpart, Goscha. The two fighters engaged in a thrilling display of aggression that had the crowd on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

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Neither one wanted to give an inch and both came out swinging for the fences. But the southpaw Krol would recover from a third-round knockdown to win a unanimous decision. Scores were 48-46 on all three judge’s scorecards.

Krol said he had a tough fight, but he came out victorious. He described his opponent as tough and big. Despite getting some injuries, he remained positive:

“Yeah, it was very tough. Tough fight. I expect it’s going to be tough. The guy was really big, and they told me before he’s a tough and really tough guy. Seriously? Thank you. I’m feeling good. Few stitches. Yeah, black eyes. But you know, it’s going to be all right. No problem.”

This was Krol’s second bare knuckle fight and he was determined to make sure BKFC took notice of his talent:

“‘So this fight, it was it was really prove myself. So I feel I passed that that exam so yeah I feel good that’s that was the big lesson for me and also prove to the the guys from BKFC, Andrew and others I can fight for a bkfc and I’m, I’m good company.”

Krol said he was proud to be a Polish fighter and believes all Polish fighters have the warrior spirit.

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