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BKFC Thailand 5: Buakaw vs. Saenchai Full PPV Event | Live!

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YouTube อาจไม่อนุญาตให้ผู้ชมชาวไทยซื้อบัวขาว vs แสนชัยแบบจ่ายต่อการชม รับชมได้ที่ BKFC.COM

BKFC Thailand 5 BUAKAW vs SAENCHAI is coming to you live on Sat. Nov 4th at 9AM EST on Youtube, BKFC+ App & Rumble!

**YouTube PPV is not available in Thailand. Go to BKFC.COM. to watch if blocked from YouTube purchase.**

Watch Times
🇺🇸 9AM EDT
🇬🇧 1PM GMT
🇳🇱 2PM CET
🇹🇭 8PM ICT

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship returns to Pattaya, Thailand on Sat. Nov 4th, 2023 live! In the main event, an epic special rules bare knuckle thai fight between two legends of Muay Thai. Watch a full event of action-packed bouts from Thailand!

– Saenchai vs Buakaw
– Peloumpi vs Denman
– Newton vs Kirsch
– Sirsang vs Srioumboo
– Pirani vs Dorrer
– Miller vs Wongaon
– Cedermalm vs Miado
– Sawatsuk vs Solemani
– Rokhneh vs Marin
– Chunyong vs Tha Pyay
– Vertrila vs Wycoco
– Maseng vs Tumba

Learn more at BKFC.com
*Fight card is subject to change

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