#BKFC35 Myrtle Beach – Tony “Loco” Soto Stopped Joshua “Danger” Marer In Round 4 #bareknucklenews

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#BKFC35 Myrtle Beach – Tony “Loco” Soto Stopped Joshua “Danger” Marer In Round 4 #bareknucklenews

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In the lightweight division win, and now boasting a 4-0 in BKFC, Soto says he is feeling the best he’s ever felt. There was a last-second opponent change before the fight, but Soto says, “we overcame” and “adjusted”. Winning over Marer in the 4th round with a TKO stoppage, Soto said he “started slow” and was watching how Maher was coming, and seeing his openings and how fast he was. Soto says he saw Maher was tired in the 3rd round, so he “put the gas up” in the 4th round to win.

When asked about the crown he was sporting in his interview, Soto said he is “Brooklyn born and raised,” and, “King of the Carolinas.” Soto says his secret to winning is, “Hard work and perseverance,” and, “Sky is the limit!” He says he is ready for whoever they put in front of him, and added. “I don’t pick fights. I pick up checks when I win!”

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