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🥊 Step into the ring with BKFC champion Christine Ferea as she delivers a knockout post-fight interview following her electrifying victory at BKFC 56! 👊

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Fresh from the battleground of bare knuckle boxing, Christine Ferea stands victorious, retaining her championship title and proving once again why she is the battle-hardened contender to beat. In this must-see exclusive, Susan Cingari from Bare Knuckle News captures the emotion, strategy, and raw determination that define a true champion.

Hear straight from the champ as she reflects on the main event, detailing the sacrifices and “Champion Behavior” that are a testament to her dedication, from grueling training camps to moments of recovery and triumph. With her eyes set on future legends, Christine boldly calls out Cris Cyborg, signaling her readiness to make history in the Squared Circle.

This interview is not just about the fight; it’s about the fighter’s journey, the mindset of never giving up, and the pursuit of greatness. Dive into the story of Christine Ferea, her relentless work ethic, and how she continues to dominate the world of BKFC.

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00:00 – Christine Ferea Introduction
00:10 – Exclusive Christine Ferea Interview
00:44 – What was going through her mind waiting for decision
01:20 -Which female fighter in BKFC will she face next?
01:39 -Her thoughts about fighting Cris Cyborg
02:05 -Reasons why she won the fight
02:58 -Staying the Champion
03:30 – Post-Fight Reflections
03:49 -What is the mindset of a champion?

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