Edgar Berlanga v Alexis Angulo
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Edgar Berlanga is back on DAZN, Carlos Adames is back on Showtime, and more!

Tuesday, June 20

FITE PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Canadian Pan Am Games Qualifiers. These will run daily from Tuesday through Friday. I linked the $59.99 PPV pack that gives you access to the lot of them, but you can also pay $20 apiece if you want, I guess.

Wednesday, June 21

FITE PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Canadian Pan Am Games Qualifiers.

Thursday, June 22

DAZN and Social Media, 1:00 pm ET, Berlanga vs Quigley press conference.

FITE PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Canadian Pan Am Games Qualifiers.

Friday, June 23

DAZN and Social Media, 1:00 pm ET, Berlanga vs Quigley weigh-in.

FITE PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Canadian Pan Am Games Qualifiers.

FITE+, 9:00 pm ET, BKFC 45: Luis Palomino vs James Lilley. Forgot to add this at first! But yes, I’ll be here, it’s unopposed BKFC, let’s party on a Friday night.

Saturday, June 24

Abema PPV (Japan), TBA, Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco 2. Like the last one, it doesn’t appear we’ll have legal live access to this in the States. If something changes, I’ll be here, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It didn’t happen in December and it seems unlikely to happen this time. Truthfully, Abema (co-owned by CyberFight and TV Asahi) may not see it being worth offering internationally. These are companies I’m familiar with through dork wrestling fandom, and there are simply more dork wrestling fans in the States than dork boxing fans who want to watch a fight from Japan, particularly for a PPV charge, and wrestling fans are way more likely to watch a show later if they can’t live. So I do kinda get it, but it sucks, this is a good fight.

DAZN, 11:00 am ET. Dream Boxing. Another Dream show from Germany, this one in Ludwigsburg. Sarah Bormann turns right around from a May 13 win to fight Perla Perez (who is 6-7-1) and Fabrizio Rubino takes on Ibo Maier, among other fights.

ESPN+, 3:00 pm ET, Slawa Spomer vs Felice Moncelli. Spomer holds the WBO’s “global” title at 154 lbs, which means absolutely nothing, but here is another card from Germany. Apparently all of our streaming services are trying to help rebuild the German boxing scene, which has been on life support for years now. Big Vinny Feigenbutz is also on this show, among many others.

DAZN and Social Media, 5:45 pm ET, Berlanga vs Quigley prelims.

FITE PPV, 7:00 pm ET, Antonio Napolitano vs Brandon Brewer. 20 bucks.

FITE PPV, 7:00 pm ET, Influencer Fight League 6: Worlds Collide. This is listed as both boxing and Muay Thai. 20 bucks.

DAZN, 8:00 pm ET, Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley. Few fighters in recent memory have lost career momentum the way Berlanga has, without losing a fight, but that’s what can happen when a promoter (Top Rank) and network (ESPN) get horny to build you up on a stoppage streak, then bare the fangs to tear you down when it turns out you may not be a guy from a movie who knocks everyone out in a round forever. Anyway, now he’s with Matchroom, and he’s fighting a guy in Quigley who kept being mildly hyped as a prospect for what felt like ages, before getting torched by Tureano Johnson in 2019. You most recently, probably, saw him lose in two to Demetrius Andrade in late 2021. He fought in April to get fresh. The undercard is not great. Kind of a B-show overall. BLH will have live coverage.

SHO, 9:00 pm ET, Carlos Adames vs Julian Williams. The show also features Erickson Lubin vs Luis Arias and a 115 lb title fight between Fernando Martinez and Jade Bornea, which is a good fight. As with the DAZN event, the main event and chief support are kinda “Showtime B-show” material but if J-Rock can turn back the clock a little, you never know, it’s not like Adames is some unbeatable mega-star, though all things being fair and reasonable, he’s probably the No. 2 actually active middleweight in the world right now. BLH will have live coverage.

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