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Brawl Leads To MMA Match At R3 Fighting Championship In Moscow

R3 Fighting Championship

Meanwhile, in Russia …

We’ve seen a lot of fights and post-fights devolve into all-out brawls, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a brawl that then resulted in an official fight.

R3 Fighting Championship is an amateur fight promotion out of Moscow, Russia, and deep into its 28-bout card, two camps got into a wild brawl that resulted in dozens of people and crowd members participating in the chaos.

Watch the video here (courtesy of Twitter’s Grabaka_Hitman):

Here’s where it got unique, though: once things settled down, the decision was made to have the two guys whose mic battle started the brawl glove up and throw down.

Because … why not?

Due to the nature of tweet-related video content, it’s not obvious so let me emphasize this: these guys went from brawling to an actual mixed martial arts (MMA) fight in less than five minutes.

As the classic saying goes, “these things happen in MMA;” however, we probably wouldn’t know about them if it wasn’t for Grabaka Hitman, who spends a ridiculous amount of time compiling and watching worldwide combat sports events that don’t get a lot of coverage anywhere else on the Internet.

Without his prolific production of highlight videos, a lot of wild happenings in global MMA would come and go without a ripple in the media landscape. If you want to support Grabaka Hitman so he can keep pumping out knockout highlights and the occasional footage of brawls like this, check out his Patreon.

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