Brian Maxwell on BKFC 51, “If It’s Fight of the Year, I’m All For It!”

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Brian Maxwell lost to Harris Stephenson by way of fifth-round DQ at BKFC 51.

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Speaking to Bare Knuckle News after the contest and addressing the relatively inauspicious ending after a raucous fight, Maxwell said,

“I got caught up in the heat of the moment. That last punch that I landed happened to already be in motion. When it landed, it connected. If I wouldn’t have been in motion of that last punch in the last round, that fight was over. It was – he was completely – I think he was gone. He wouldn’t have made the count.”

“But that last punch was in motion. When it landed, I just knew that it was either going to be a point away or a DQ. That’s why I had the face and the reaction that I had because I already knew; it was already in motion. So it happened how it happened. It is what it is. The whole world seeing what it was. So we know what’s up.”

“Hey, if it’s fight of the year, I’m all for it. Also, I’ve been contesting for Comeback Fighter of the Year. If that doesn’t show you that I’ve been on a comeback, I don’t know what to tell you. So let’s go, man. I can’t wait to come back once I’m healed up.”

Maxwell feels styles make fights and felt like both of their styles are made for a war. They both made a pact before to let it all hang out and not let the fight go to the judges, which ultimately did happen. Albeit happening, maybe not how they thought, but things did wrap up inside the distance for Maxwell versus Stephenson.

The Virginia fighter wanted to prove there’s a reason why he’s still here and why Maxwell puts on the great fights that he is known for.

Maxwell wants to give his son a role model to look up to. His boy was born two days before he started training and has been in the gym with him almost every day since being three days old. Maxwell sees his child as the reason why he’s here, alive, and striving for more.

Also, his son is a wrestler and ranked fifth on the East Coast in freestyle wrestling; taking after dad in plying his trade in a combative sport.

In the end, Maxwell is open to a sequel and feels another classic would manifest if he and Stephenson did in fact rematch one day.

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