Chris Lytle Recaps BKFC 51 “One of the Greatest Fights We’ve Had”

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Chris Lytle Recaps BKFC 51, “One of the Greatest Fights We’ve Had”

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Chris “Lights Out” Lytle was calling the action as the color commentator for BKFC 51. The fistic fireworks went down in Salem, Virginia, and when recapping those pugilistic proceedings, Lytle said, “Man, it was a great night of fights. I was really impressed with it. We had a lot of tough, tough fights. The first seven fights, all finishes, and that’s what you want to see.”

Lytle continues, “A lot of people coming out there laying it on the line. I don’t think it even went past the third round. Besides, you know, one of the greatest fights we’ve had in a long time, Brian Maxwell versus Harris Stephenson – that was a great fight. Eight knockdowns in five rounds. Unfortunately, it was a DQ, but I think anybody would like to see those guys run it back.”

As far as what lies ahead for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, “Lights Out” Lytle is stoked for a myriad of future fights across several bare-knuckle rule sets.

Lytle stated, “I mean, we got the main event coming up. What we have in South Carolina – That’s going to be Reggie Barnett versus (Keith) Richardson – Unbelievable fight right there. Man, we just have nothing but great fights coming up, huge. We got Bulgaria coming up. Those are going to be some of the toughest fighters you’ve seen.”

“Those hard core east block Russian fighters – man, those guys are dominating in all combative sports right now. They’re coming out; they’re ready to take over bare-knuckle. They think – we’re going to see if it happens. We have Thailand. We have a legendary match up between two of the greatest Thai fighters of all time (Buakaw vs Saenchai).”

Lytle sees plenty of huge contests coming up that will elevate BKFC to the next level, blowing up this rapidly growing sport even further, and exposing themselves to an even bigger audience.

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