#ColeFerrell Sliced “Through Him (Cody Schieve) Like Grandma’s Butter” at #BKFC42

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Cole Ferrell dispatched Cody Schieve with a TKO in the second stanza of their bout at BKFC 42 Greenville.

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Speaking with ‘Big Boy’ Chris Jensen of, Ferrell was asked what the feeling was like in his first bare-knuckle fight to which the victorious Georgia native said,

“Well, first off, I want to say I am the best looking, the most savage, with biceps bigger than Dallas. Tonight was my night and I showed them all who the **** I am. But to answer your question, everyone thought I was a grappler, jiu-jitsu-only guy. My point tonight was to prove you can throw me in any combat sport and I’m going to thrive and win. That’s what I did.”

Ferrell felt a bit surprised early on in his BKFC debut, but also wanted to prove he can take a punch. He wanted to give the fans their money’s worth and felt like he achieved that ultimate goal.

Ferrell a fighter to watch especially in mixed martial arts, has a pretty pristine record in that combat sport. When questioned about what his future holds, whether it’s MMA, bare-knuckle, or the two sports concurrently, Ferrell stated,

“Both. I will continue thriving in MMA. I’m 11 and 1, 11 first-round finishes. Didn’t get the first-round finish in my BKFC debut, but I finished his ***. I said I would slice through him like grandma’s butter and I sure as **** did. I will be back in the BKFC ring. I’ll be back in the MMA cage and I’m going to keep on keeping on, baby.”

Ferrell said Joe Elmore gave him good advice and credited him as a huge help. Elmore had great insights and intel in regards to where to land, how to condition the knuckles, how to get inside – all valuable insights from someone who has done a lot in the promotion like Elmore has.

In closing, Ferrell shouted out Brunswick, Georgia as well as Atlanta, Georgia. He told them to stand up because he just made a splash in BKFC.

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