UFC 296: Edwards v Covington
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Don’t discuss fighter pay around Mr. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Colby Covington.

Fighter pay has been a hot-button issue since the conception of UFC and will continue to be an issue. Last week, former Middleweight champion Sean Strickland blasted his workplace for, “utter garbage” compensation as he was blasting Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC).

“UFC pay is utter garbage,” Strickland wrote. “lol their signing guys at 10/10 that should be criminal … but the vast majority of BKFC fighters are getting paid way less than that … As a UFC fighter I advocate for better pay for me and the entire roster … You should do the same for your guys.”

Recently, three-time Welterweight title challenger and unabashed Strickland-hater, Colby Covington, came to the defense of UFC, telling Strickland not to be a hypocrite.

“My thoughts are, Sean changed his life so he’s kind of hypocritical to be saying this,” Covington told SOSCAST. “Now he lives in a really nice mansion-style house, you know, has great cars, and has money in the bank, so who is he to say this? He’s literally being a hypocrite too, like, he’s talking about the guys that just started in UFC.

“He’s talking about the 10/10 pay?” Covington continued. “Yeah, that’s when you get your first fight in UFC; let’s talk about what he’s getting paid now. He’s making a guaranteed $500,000 to 1.5 million in that range.”

While Covington has been on Team UFC since 2020, there was a time (one year earlier in 2019) when he threatened to retire and go full WWE because of his pay.

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