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Power Slap and Bareknuckle Fighting Championship have been temporarily approved in California.

On Saturday, the California State Athletic Commission issued temporary licenses for both promotions during a quarterly meeting, opening the door for slap fighting and bareknuckle boxing events to take place in the state. The commission unanimously voted 6-0 to approve the licensing.

Following the meeting, CSAC executive officer Andy Foster confirmed to MMA Junkie that both promotions have been approved for one event each, per California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Section 533.

The rule states the commission recognizes “that different forms of martial arts exist, notwithstanding any rule in this division to the contrary, the commission may, in its discretion, authorize alternate rules or provisions from time to time for full contact martial arts championships and exhibitions so long as the safety and welfare of the contestants and the public are not jeopardized.”

Slap fighting has previously only been approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission. Bareknuckle boxing, on the other hand, was approved in 25 states as of April.


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In a memorandum to CSAC chairman Peter Villegas and other commissioners, Foster highlighted a potential monetary benefit for the state to host Power Slap events while still paying attention to the medical concerns of the participants.

“Adding Power Slap to the commission’s portfolio of combative sporting events it regulates would provide additional revenue and at the same time provide an additional platform for combative sports participants at high-level events,” Foster wrote. “While we are still evaluating the medical data provided, it is clear after looking at the participants involved in this sport that there are fewer medical transportations than at an MMA event.”

Included in the meeting notes was a letter from Dr. Vernon B. Williams, director of the center for sports neurology and pain medicine at Cedars Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Insitute in Los Angeles, to Foster.

“As we have discussed, after review of safety and medical information forwarded by Dr. Don Muzzi (chief medical officer of BKFC), my opinion is that there are no clear ‘red flags’ regarding health and safety,” Williams wrote. “I would support provision of a temporary/trial license for event(s), assuming you and our staff feel comfortable with our ability to supervise and regulate.

“Similarly, my review of the limited information on experience to date regarding health and safety of Power Slap events is that there are no “red flags” that would absolutely contraindicate a trial, and I would support that process as well. This is all based on the best available information to date.”

Both Power Slap and BKFC submitted promoter license applications along with a $1,000 application fee. Power Slap president Frank Lamicella and BKFC president David Feldman also submitted letters to the commission to help make their cases for why the competitions are safe for the participants.

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