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Darren Till is not sold on Mike Perry’s run of success in BKFC.

Perry has found a perfect home with BKFC after parting ways with the UFC in 2021. “Platinum’s” wins include Michael Page, Luke Rockhold, Eddie Alvarez to claim “The King of Violence” title, and most recently Thiago Alves at KnuckleMania 4 last month.

Perry is eager to settle things with Till, whom he was on a collision course with in the UFC. Till is on the verge of announcing what’s next, but it won’t be Perry.

“Boxing,” Till said on “The MMA Hour” of his return. “For a guy that’s been out of the fighting game for 15 months, people still talk about me a lot. My name still gets brought up quite a lot. Like Perry went crazy the other day calling me every name under the sun. That fight has got to happen, hasn’t it?”

Till is interested in fighting Perry but not in bare-knuckle boxing. He sees BKFC as an avenue fighters pivot to in the final chapters of their careers, and the former UFC title challenger says he still has a lot of fight left in him.

“I would love to fight Perry. I don’t really want to fight him in bareknuckle because I feel like bareknuckle is the type of organization you go to when – I don’t want to disrespect anyone but, when you’re coming to the end sort of,” Till continued. “It’s like you don’t care about your face getting busted up and sh*t like that. I feel still young and fresh, so I want to save the bareknuckle. I’m not going to stand there and say I’m scared to fight bareknuckle against Perry because I’m definitely not.

“I just don’t think bareknuckle’s the right move for me right now. I’m not saying (Perry is at the end of this career), but he’s just a big Dumbo. Who’s he been fighting? Eddie Alvarez, Thiago Alves, they’ve got the brain capacity of a loaf of bread. He hasn’t been fighting anyone. I’ll give him MVP (Page). MVP is a brilliant fighter. Luke (Rockhold)? I don’t know what he is, a model or a fighter at this point. He looks good, but he doesn’t really fight good anymore. I’m not impressed.”

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