Defying Expectations: How Mike Perry Trains for BKFC 56 Encounter with Eddie Alvarez

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In this exclusive interview with Bare Knuckle News, fighter Mike Perry opens up about his intensive training camp and how he is gearing up to face Eddie Alvarez in the highly anticipated BKFC 56 event.

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Find out what Perry’s mindset and focus is before the fight and his relentless pursuit of victory as he shares insights into his preparation for this explosive match up

Get an inside look at his training regimen, including his thoughts on fighting Alvarez and his passion for the sport.

“You know, I really don’t worry about what my opponent is going to do. I worry about what I’m going to do to them. And it’s really just, how are my sparring partners looking compared to what he might look like? And if it, you know, I think God kind of leads the way. I’ve always been me. I work as hard as I’m able to work and, you know.. I leave just enough gas in the tank to get home and take care of my family at the end of the night.”

Don’t miss this chance to learn about Perry’s journey and his determination to leave it all in the squared circle.

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