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Diego Sanchez interested in bare-knuckle boxing for BKFC: “I never really liked the gloves in the UFC anyway”

Diego Sanchez, Dana White, Jake Matthews
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Diego Sanchez says he is interested in bare-knuckle boxing for BKFC, adding that he “never really liked the gloves in the UFC anyway.”

Sanchez was the longest-tenured fighter on the UFC roster until he was released following a dispute with the promotion and his former manager Joshua Fabia. Sanchez eventually fired Fabia and there is still a slight crack in the door for him to potentially fight in the UFC again, but at this moment he is a free agent and has been shopping around his services since he was cut by UFC president Dana White. So far, we haven’t heard of Sanchez officially signing with any promotion, but it appears there could be a frontrunner for them.

Sanchez was a guest at this past weekend’s BKFC 18 event in Miami, Florida, and he spoke to the media there about what could be next for him. According to Sanchez, he is very intrigued by BKFC and he revealed that he was never a fan of wearing gloves in the UFC.

“If I ever get into the BKB, yeah, it would be fun. I never really liked the gloves in the UFC anyway. So, I think it’s better. You got to pick your shots. You got to be smarter. We got to probably do a boxing fight first, warm these hands up. We’re going to see. We’re going to keep everything open,” Sanchez said (h/t

Sanchez noted that he has a solid relationship with BKFC president David Feldman, who flew Sanchez down to Miami to watch the BKFC 18 live in person.

“I like Dave, and Dave’s a good man. He flew me out here, and it ain’t the first time he’s flown me out. Dave’s a solid guy, and I appreciate that,” Sanchez said.

Do you want to see Diego Sanchez fight in bare-knuckle boxing for BKFC?

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