Dive into the electric atmosphere as #bareknucklenews interviews the unstoppable #howarddavis

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🥊 Dive into the electric atmosphere of BKFC 50 as Bare Knuckle News interviews the unstoppable Howard Davis! In an EXCLUSIVE one-on-one, Howard opens up about the warriors he’s backing at the event – Andrew Agelcor and the legend, Juggernaut. 🌪️

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🔥 Why is Lorenzo Hunt the crown jewel in Howard’s eyes? Experience his reverence for this phenom as he breaks down Juggernaut’s formidable skill set: the lethal combination of speed, power, impenetrable defense, and unmatched experience.

💥 Remember Howard’s jaw-dropping viral knockout? He reveals the unexpected aftermath and talks about his upcoming return to the ring on October 6th. Trust us; there’s HUGE news on the horizon!

👀 But that’s not all. Howard doesn’t mince words when it comes to Kai Stewart. Feel the heat as he confidently throws down the gauntlet, making it clear: Howard’s in a league of his own.

🌟 Legacy. Dedication. Passion. Get a glimpse of what drives Howard Davis – his dreams, his goals, and his indomitable spirit. From astonishing knockouts to undeniable perseverance, Howard is setting the BKFC world ablaze. Join us for this rollercoaster ride as we delve deep into the heart and soul of a fighter!

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