Elle Brooke
Elle Brooke knocked out AJ Bunker at X Series 012 | Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Elle Brooke knocked out AJ Bunker at X Series 012, plus more from Leeds.

The latest Misfits Boxing MF x DAZN card is in the book, and the “X Series 012” show featured a lot of big shots and knockouts and influencer (and “influencer”) boxing action from the United Kingdom.

The most notable result — and the show’s real advertised main event — saw Elle Brooke knock out AJ Bunker to win Misfits’ middleweight women’s championship.

That and more highlights below.

Elle Brooke knocked out AJ Bunker to take Bunker’s Misfits middleweight title:

Predictable “mystery opponent” Luis Pineda and Ed Matthews did a thing where Matthews pretended he got knocked out of the ring oh jeez I’m editoralizing:

Ashley Raksu and OJ Rose went to a draw:

Tristan Hamm knocked out “Not Logan Paul”:

Fox the G knocked out Small Spartan Jay:

Chase DeMoor actually won a fight, beating Minikon:

DTG stopped Myles Raksu after two rounds, and scored this knockdown:

Joey Knight drops Most Wanted:

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