#ElvinBrito Attends BKFC 41 and Talks Beating He’ll Be Giving Carlos Trinidad-Snake #bkfc43

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Elvin Brito tells #bareknucklenews he is more than ready for his fight with Carlos Trinidad-Snake at #bkfc43 . Brito hasn’t fought in BKFC since June and is stoked to make his big return to bare-knuckle boxing.

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Talking to Bare Knuckle News at BKFC Denver, it was mentioned that he was supposed to fight at BKFC 40 Leeds but that fight fell apart. There was a disagreement in weight against Jamie Cox and Brito felt things were weird with that fight from the beginning.

Both signed for another welterweight bout, then Brito noticed an odd poster change after the initial rollout of the bout announcement. He then said his opponent backed out a week before the fight and mentioned that he could not make weight.

The former BKFC 165-pound kingpin credited David Feldman for being understanding of the situation and doing everything he could to help Brito through the situation.

With the April 22nd fight falling through, the company booked the former welterweight champion for May 19th at BKFC 43 against Carlos Trinidad-Snake.

When getting into the specifics of this opponent re-alignment, Brito said, “I’m fighting a young, tenacious, undefeated fighter. He’s got good blood, you know. I know that he’s not going to lay down for me. (Carlos) Trinidad-Snake, a lot of people might say that he doesn’t deserve to fight me. But on paper, I have a loss on paper.”

“On paper, I lost my last fight and he’s undefeated. He needs to progress to the next level and I need somebody to fight. We’re both looking for an opportunity. For him, it’s a win-win.”

“For him you know, if he beats me, he beat the champ. He beat the best. He beat ‘El Bandido’, one of the best bare-knuckle fighters in the world. If he loses, then he’s better. I made him better, just like everybody else that fights me.”

In regards to specific preparations for this next opponent, Brito stated, “Well, you know, he moves around a lot. But he’s smart, he’s smart. He’s got great conditioning. I mean, to move like that. I know to move like that, you have to have good conditioning and he’s tough. His last fight, he got dropped early. He got up and won the fight. That says a lot to me.”

“That says more than any highlight reel could tell me about a fighter and his heart and the kind of tenacity that he has. So I don’t expect him to lay down for me, but I don’t expect anybody to lay down for me. Like, if you could take a beating, then I’ll give it to you.”

‘El Bandido’ had a gloved boxing bout in December which saw him lose via unanimous decision. Brito is looking to rebound here from back-to-back losses across two different combat sports to remind people he’s among one of the pound-for-pound best in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

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