🥊 EXCLUSIVE Gee Perez Unveils What’s Next After His Latest #BKFC Fight 🥊

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“🥊 EXCLUSIVE Gee Perez Unveils What’s Next After His Latest BKFC Fight 🥊

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Tune in for an unfiltered, backstage conversation with Gee “The Cutman Perez “right after his most recent BKFC fight! Gee tells #susancingari #bareknucklenews about his rotator cuff injury, future plans, and how he managed a 30-pound weight difference against his opponent.

If you’re into all things combat sports, you won’t want to miss this.

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Post-fight thoughts and thanking the fans

Overcoming a rotator cuff injury

How he plans to return in October or December

Addressing the haters and handling negativity

The game-changer: Going up 30 pounds to fight

Thanking Bare Knuckle News and the fans


Gee’s perspective on handling injuries in fight sports he psychological aspects of facing a heavier opponent. How he turns negative comments into a learning experience

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