Explosive Showdown Awaits: Bryan ‘El Gallo’ Duran Eager to Clash with #kaistewart #bkfc

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In this power-packed backstage interview with #bareknucklenews Brian “El Gallo” Duran pulls no punches while talking about his excitement for the BKFC 50 Anniversary event and, more significantly, the headline bout. He’s a regular at every BKFC event, always on the hunt to spot the reigning champion, and he’s all pumped up to see the kingpin this time around.

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Duran’s not just there to watch however he’s there to lay down a challenge to Kai Stewart and wants to to go toe-to-toe with the 145 pound champion, and get that belt. He’s got his eyes on the prize and he swears that once that belt is around his waist, it’s staying there. Duran’s is more than ready to square up with Stewart and mark his territory, showcasing his supreme dominance.

Branding himself as the “ring bully”, Duran says Stewart has no idea of what it’s like to face a true beast. Duran doesn’t think much of Stewart’s skills warning him a storm is coming his way.Duran is ready.

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