Featherweights Clash: Patryk Sagan’s Explosive #tko Victory At #bkfc46


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Featherweights collided when Patryk Sagan, (1-0), dropped Morgan Starkey, (1-2), twice in the first round to score a TKO victory.

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This was Sagan’s first fight in BKFC He knocked down his opponent early on and eventually secured the knockout victory. Sagan said he found the experience to be really enjoyable and easy.

Despite the large crowd and nerves, he was unfazed. He told us that because he has a background in Muay Thai he found the transition to bare knuckle fighting to be relatively easy due to his experience in the sport.

His training camp for this fight lasted four weeks and focused solely on boxing.

Patryk told us as far as his fighting future he is open to both Muay Thai and BKFC fights in the future and is always ready for a fight.

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