Find Out what #ArnoldAdams Said After His Epic Fight With #AlanBelcher at #bkfc36

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Find Out what #ArnoldAdams Said After His Epic Fight With #AlanBelcher at #bkfc36

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The fight started off with a bang, and that’s about all you can say about it. Adams held a noticeable size and weight advantage over Belcher, but he was standing his ground. Adams started to push the pace and being the aggressor. A large gash formed in the middle of Belcher’s forehead, but the corner did a great job of stopping the bleeding.

In the second round Adams scored an early knockdown, and although Belcher answered the count, he was quickly knocked down again. Showing tremendous heart, Belcher rose to his feet again and was able to score a late knockdown of his own.

Belcher started the third round with some fast hands, catching Adams off guard. Then (as Adams bent over to avoid a shot), Alan connected with a set of uppercuts that put Arnold down again! Adams was still there—but he was hurting and unable to make the count.

In this interview with #SusanCingari from #bareknucklenews Adams told us he had trouble hearing the ref’s count, how he may have been too cocky and is confident their will be a rematch.

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