#FrancoTenaglia on Taking Souls and Loving Violence After #BKFC40 Win

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Franco Tenaglia halted Luke Nevin in the fourth frame of their fight by way of TKO at BKFC 40.

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Tenaglia said he visualized this win for a long time and in his initial post-fight feelings, Tenaglia said, “I want the fucking title, man. I’m coming for it. Stop running, guys. I’m going to come. I’m going to beat everyone.”

In describing the strike that ended the bout, he said “I am Latino. I love the drama. I never go backward.” Tenaglia is from Argentina and lives in Spain; proudly representing both countries in his combative endeavours.

In terms of improvements, he felt his composure and fight IQ were more on point in this contest. Tenaglia “fought and thought” as opposed to a reckless, emotional approach en route to the stoppage win.

That being said, he still brought his self described “big balls” fighting style of going forward and being unwaveringly aggressive. Tenaglia stated, “You can hit me the whole day. I’m not going to stop. When you have someone coming to you like this, at some point you’re going to shit your pants. You’re going to think what the fuck am I doing here?”

A martial artist ethos shined through amid all of this intensity but it exists to a point for the latino warrior.

Tenaglia quipped, “I have respect for all my opponents. I have respect for all the people in the world. Just I don’t show that during the fight because I don’t respect anybody when I am fighting. They want to take my head off. So I’m not going to respect nobody. I’m going to try to take their soul.”

In regards to what’s next for Franco Tenaglia, he said, “I want to go back to BKFC. I want a title contender or at least a main event. I always have experience in other kinds of fight. But I always bring good fight, people.”

“So please give me a good show in UK and bring me in America. I know you Americans love the violence. So please give me a good show there and I going to show everything.”

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