Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk: Ring Of Fire - Official Weigh-In
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Two of the best Heavyweight boxers of the last decade, Tyson Fury and Oleksandar Usyk, will put their undefeated records on the line when they go to war tonight (Sat., May 18, 2024) LIVE on ESPN/ESPN+ pay-per-view (PPV) from inside Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Boxing fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Twice, Fury withdrew from planned match ups against Usyk, first because Francis Ngannou proved a greater challenge than expected and second because of a last-second cut that split his eyebrow open. Finally, the duo will make their way into the ring and throw down in the grandest of stages. The stakes are high in every way, and there’s an unbelievable amount of money on the line! It’s the first undisputed Heavyweight title fight in 25 years, a must-watch affair.

Which man remains unbeaten and adds to their championship legacy? It’s time to fight and find out!

Live updates will begin to flow below the moment the two fighters make their way to the ring …

Round One

The two meet in the center and Usyk lands a cross to the chest. Fury is working to establish his jab, and Usyk goes back to the mid-section. Fury loops a right hand to the ribs. Usyk continues to target the body and works his foe into the corner. Tyson opts to stay there and showboat. Fury lands a couple shots in a nice sequence, then Usyk goes upstairs for the firs time with his left. Close round.

10-9 Usyk

Round Two

Usyk starts the second with a strong left hand connection. He follows up with good body work, and Fury answers with the double jab. “The Gypsy King” is content to fight from his back foot, and he’s starting to look for counters more often. Usyk finds another left upstairs. Solid body shot from Fury, then he goes high with a nice right hook. Usyk combination lands as Fury is backed into the corner. Fury starting to figure out his right hook timing, as he lands another to the ribs. Much more active round. Fury connects with a counter uppercut at the bell.

10-9 Usyk

Round Three

Usyk continues to pressure well and target the body. Fury working up and down with his jab at distance. Usyk is the more active man, chasing Fury around without either man landing too much significant. Fury switches up his approach in the final minute, using some clinches to slow Usyk, then he lands a 1-1-2. The fight is getting dirtier, and Usyk lands a good combo while advancing.

10-9 Usyk

Round Four

Fury is more active early, moving his feet and sticking fast punches. Good lead hand uppercut scores for Fury. Usyk continues to advance relentlessly, but Fury seems to have found his range. Usyk fires a combination to the body after cornering Fury. Fury is really trying to time his opponent up the middle with counters.

10-9 Fury

Round Five

Both men score body shots in a slick early exchange. Usyk’s pressure is allowing him to touch the body, but his strikes upstairs aren’t landing often. Fury is hitting the body often too, but his counter punches upstairs are finding the mark more often. Fury is really digging his right hook and uppercut to the ribs. The numbers are probably close, but Fury’s lands seem to be having the greater impact.

10-9 Fury

Round Six

Hard uppercut from Fury opens the sixth. Usyk takes his left upstairs and finds the forehead. Fury is moving his head well and using the clinch to slow Usyk. Fury finds a hard right hand uppercut counter. He follows up, digging a left hook to the body. Another uppercut connects, and Usyk looks hurt! Fury is suddenly the man on the front foot, slowly looking to build combinations. “The Cat” recovers, and Fury touches his foe with a couple more jabs before the bell.

10-9 Fury

Round Seven

Fury’s feints are drawing big reactions from Usyk, and he’s setting up combinations off them. Fury bullies forward, using the clinch to shove Usyk around and break with body shots. Usyk finds a good left to the chin. Fury times another crisp uppercut counter. Usyk answers with a nice left though! Fury is walking around the ring, occasionally planting with big punches upside the guard. Usyk flurries and sneaks a few shots through the guard. Close round!

10-9 Usyk

Round Eight

Fury opens the eighth with a clubbing combo. Usyk pushes the pedal through the floor, really pressuring with a ton of volume. Fury evading most of it though, and he uses the clinch to wrap up the smaller man. Fury takes his right to the body well, but he’s caught tall by a couple Usyk shots. The two trade jabs. Usyk times a left well, then a right hook. By the end of the round, Fury’s face is bloodied up.

10-9 Usyk

Round Nine

It’s anyone’s fight with four rounds remaining! Fury is jabbing and moving. He breaks the clinch with a series of uppercuts then slips some offense from his opponent. Double left hand from Usyk scores along the rope. Fury feints his way into a crisp right hand connection, and he’s back to the body work. Simultaneous crosses land for each. Heavy left hand scores for Usyk, and Fury is hurt bad! He’s wobbly, bouncing off the ropes! Fury doesn’t hit the floor, but the referee initiates a count. The bell saves Fury, who likely wouldn’t have survive many more shots!

10-8 Usyk

Round Ten

Usyk remains aggressive, pressing Fury into the ropes and connecting with a left. Usyk takes some punches downstairs, and Fury isn’t throwing much back. Usyk stings him with a lead uppercut-cross combination. Fury seems to have his feet back under him by the final minute of the round, and he’s firing back a bit more now. The Usyk march forward continues, and he’s won the round, but “Gypsy King” appears to have his senses back.

10-9 Usyk

Round Eleven

Round Twelve

Official result:

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