🥊 #GogoSlaveski: The Making of a #Welterweight #Champion | From #Macedonia to the World Stage!”


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#GogoSlaveski: The Making of a #Welterweight #Champion | From #Macedonia to the World Stage!”

In this gripping interview with #susancingari of #BareKnuckleNews, newly crowned #bkfc Welterweight Champion, “Gogo” Slaveski , gets candid about his epic battle and his meteoric rise from a 19-year-old rookie to a world champion.

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#GogoChampion #MacedoniaPride #jakelindsey #bkfc49

“Gogo” Slaveski’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular! Watch this video as “Gogo” breaks down his thrilling slug fest with Jake Lindsey which had fans on the edge of their seats. Witness the spirit and determination that pushed “Gogo” to dig deep in the fourth round, sealing his victory and claiming his spot as the first BKFC Welterweight Champion from Macedonia. 🇲🇰

✨ Is #EddieAlvarez next in line for Gogo? 🤔

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