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Grit and Glory: & the Faces of Bare Knuckle Boxing #bybextreme

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Skyler “The Goon” Thomas took took home the W with fourth-round knockout.over Shyanna Bintliff’s who was making her bare knuckle debut. Thomas told Bare Knuckle News she listened to her corner
and hopes she will be setting an example for her child.

Brandon “Slaughterhouse Birr scored a winover a touugh oppinet Brandon Desrosier and immediately called out Harold McQueen or a trilogy fight‍

Lucas “clown boy’ Jones shared his excitement after his first-round KO and the growth since his debut, aiming for a world record knockout and looking forward to international opportunities after a merger between promotions.

James “The White Lion” Bodnar picked up his first bare knuckle win with a first-round knockout of Craig Williams.

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