Guillermo Perez Holds Back Tears After Emotional BKFC 38 Win ~ Full Interview

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Guillermo Perez put a stop to Joshua Richey with a KO in the second stanza of their showdown at BKFC 38.

This marked Perez’s sophomore BKFC fight overall and he is 2-0 now with a pair of stoppages in bare-knuckle boxing.

Perez felt he had a largely measured first round and used the jab to see what Richey had. The first frame of the fight did get a little hectic at certain times though and Perez got into the details on that.

“The first round, I didn’t want to rush things. I was using my jab to see what he had, but then he kind of opened up to me. I wanted him to engage to see what he had, but he never did.”
“But when it was, I think first round, like I hit him with the right and then he grabbed my legs and he kind of like flipped me. But it’s okay. I mean, it’s part of the game. It is what it is. It’s probably a mistake. He didn’t do it again, so it’s all good.”

As far as the detailed breakdown on how Perez closed the show, he stated, “So the big win, I was trying to counter him with the left hook in a way that when he was coming in. But he was throwing his jab, but he wasn’t committing.”

“So I was just waiting for him to come and commit a little more. So I can be able to connect. Finally, he came in, he made the wrong move, and I connected.”

Perez stayed composed and patient in this fight as was mentioned and having 35 amateur boxing bouts and one pro-gloved boxing bout to his credit will help with that. Plus, having his dad in his corner leant itself to that and was supremely important to Perez considering his backstory.

Head coach Nelson Lopez was also in Perez’s corner and served as a father figure for Perez when his own father was not around. Lopez taught him how to fight and to be a man. So it was an especially emotional night with his dad as well as his long-time trainer both backing him up and supporting him en route to another victory.

The partisan support from his home state was causing additional overwhelming sensations for Perez. So much so that the Florida support got him emotional before going out and he almost cried in the back before coach Nelson brought him back to a more measured state.

Also, Perez is a cut man for BKFC and other organizations. This role is also beneficial to his efforts as a fighter because it allows him to get all that ring time even if it’s not in a competitive capacity. The familiarity and compounded comfort it breeds is not something Perez discounts.

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