Day of Reckoning: Fight Night
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Joseph Parker picked up a clear-cut decision win over Deontay Wilder earlier today (Sat., Dec. 23, 2023) at “Day of Reckoning” live on DAZN PPV from inside Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The first couple rounds were slow. Parke advanced behind the occasional body jab and reaching right hand, whereas Wilder was content to circle and get a sense of his opponent’s timing. The action heated up in the third, as both men began to stand their ground and fire heavy shots. Parker was throwing in more volume, but every time “Dr. Sleep” scored with a right hand, the crowd inhaled sharply.

Parker’s speed was on display, and he smartly crashed into the clinch after his right hands to avoid potential counters. On the whole, Parker was firmly in control through six rounds, able to land at a better rate and avoid the biggest swings of his opponent. Wilder needed to step it up!

Wilder got a bit more aggressive in the seventh, but it was Parker who landed the better right hands. That trend continued into the eighth, when a massive Parker flurry wobbled the knees of Wilder. Suddenly, the conversation changed from, “Can Wilder find his knockout shot?” to “Will he survive all twelve rounds?”

Wilder’s legs looked unstable in the ninth. He managed to get his footing by the end of the round and land a few decent shots, but time was running out. He came out in the tenth with some aggression, landing an early left hook and staying on the front foot more often. It wasn’t enough; long portions of the final rounds were spent with Wilder hanging back or getting stuck in the clinch.

Wilder let it all hang out in the twelfth round, and perhaps he won it on the cards. It was way too late, however, and he never came close to scoring a Hail Mary knockout.

Check out the video highlights below:

This fight was fairly shocking. Wilder never gave himself much of a chance at scoring the knockout, hanging around at distance and backing off for far too longer. Parker, meanwhile, threw himself into the fire and executed his game plan perfectly. In the process, he becomes just the second man to defeat Deontay Wilder.

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