Houston Alexander is ecstatic to be fighting back at home in Omaha, Nebraska.

Houston Alexander

Alexander is set to headline BKFC 43 against Jeremy Smith. The 51-year-old is 3-0 in BKFC and many thought he would get a title shot after he knocked out Joey Beltran his last time out. Yet, he isn’t worried about getting a title shot and just wanted to fight and when he got matched up against Smith, he admits he wasn’t too familiar with him.

“I’m not too familiar with a lot of these guys coming up after the old-school guys,” Alexander said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “He’s an athletic guy and he’s pretty powerful… I haven’t studied him too much. But, if he’s in this sport and he’s undefeated right now, he’s got to be pretty damn good.”

Part of the reason why Alexander didn’t care who he fought is due to the fact he just wanted to fight at home. Alexander got the chance to fight in Omaha, Nebraska in his last fight and he says it’s an honor to headline a card in his hometown.

“It’s always cool because a lot of the fans have always asked me when they can see me fight in person,” Alexander said. “We are trying to get bare-knuckle established in Nebraska so why not do it with a guy who’s been in it for a while and has a good fanbase from the state. It’s great to do it in Omaha.”

With Houston Alexander not knowing much about Jeremy Smith, he says he plans to fight the same way he always does at BKC 43. According to Alexander, he knows Smith will look to be aggressive but Alexander thinks his power is too much and he will get the KO early.

“A lot of the fights don’t go out of the second round. I’m going straight toward him and Jeremy comes at his opponents too, so something has to give,” Alexander said.

Should Alexander get his hand raised and do so by KO, he isn’t sure what would be next for him. However, he knows it would be hard to deny him a title shot.

“I’m not worried about a title shot. I was worried about taking it one fight at a time. Winning solves everything, so you keep winning, you get put into that position eventually, you can’t be denied,” Alexander said.

Do you think Houston Alexander will KO Jeremy Smith at BKFC 43?

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