Incredible Post-Fight Revelations & Bold Call-Outs by #BlakeLaCaze

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In this exclusive post-fight interview with host #susancingari from #bareknucklenews #blakelacaze candidly speaks out on the unanimous decision against him in his recent fight with Donald Sanchez at #BKFC48 🥊

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Disagreeing with the judges Blake believes the outcome should have been closer, perhaps even a draw. He reflects about the match, discussing Sanchez’s unexpected strength and agility. And discusses the pivotal moment from round one breaking down how Sanchez’s southpaw punch caught him off guard, leading him to lose his balance.

With strategy in mind he lays out what he’d do differently if given another shot and boldly calls out Donald Sanchez for a rematch. 📢 What’s more intriguing? La Caze reveals an unanswered phone call from DIEGO SANCHEZ and says he wants to fight him next.

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