#IsaacDoolittle on Losing Vision Amid “Bloodbath” vs #JakeBostwick at #BKFC38

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Isaac Doolittle fought Jake Bostwick to a majority draw in the co-main event of BKFC 38.

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When offering up his thoughts on the contest, Doolittle said, “ I Fought Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick. He lived up to his name. It was a brutal fight. He never took a step back. I never took a step back. We exchanged massive hits. I think at one point both of us lost vision. It was just; it was a bloodbath. It was great.”

When getting into the specifics of what Bostwick did that may have surprised Doolittle, he mentioned how ‘Brutal’ never got slower in there. ‘The Honey Badger also praised the athleticism of Bostwick; mentioning the multi-punch combinations he sustained all throughout with minimal difference in speed/ volume for Bostwick.

Doolittle touched on how ‘Brutal’ has previously fought a lot of taller opponents and generally uses diving double jabs and crosses. For Doolittle, that meant frequently moving off to the side and proper timing was paramount considering the unusually short reach Doolittle brings to the division.

Doolittle described himself as a grappler who for a long time, never did striking. He has boxed more in the last four years but does bring a bit of an unorthodox approach to the BKFC ring due to his martial arts upbringing.

Isaac Doolittle has seen notable activity at 185 and 175 pounds with the former interim light heavyweight title contender dropping to middleweight here. Doolittle did have to cut weight this time yet also said he enjoys “being a fat kid” at 185. Seemingly indicating he is still open to plying his trade in both divisions.

Doolittle described this bout being rescheduled as brutal because of the proximity to the initial event targeted a few weeks ago. This meant having to navigate his high-octane training style so as to not become injured. Also, his usual coach couldn’t be there for the amended date so that part of the approach had to be workshopped for Doolittle as well.

In referencing that March 17th event postponement, Doolittle stated he was looking to take a bit of a recovery break and then get back to it full force.

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