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Jake Bostwick’s Prediction: Why #ulydiaz Will Defeat Zion Tomlinson at BYB 26.

When it comes to the world of bare-knuckle fighting, few voices are as credible as Jake Bostwick’s. #susancingari from #bareknucklenews spoke with #jakebostwick #ziontomlinson

The experienced fighter shares insights on his training partner Uly Diaz and offers a confident prediction that Diaz will emerge victorious in his upcoming bout against Zion Tomlinson.

“Uly’s work ethic is unmatched,” says Bostwick. “He’s putting in relentless hours in the gym, and his focus is razor-sharp. We’ve been training side by side, and I can see firsthand the dedication and intensity he brings.”

But it’s not just about raw physicality. Bostwick points out that Diaz’s commitment extends beyond his training sessions. As a devoted family man, Diaz understands the stakes and fights with a purpose that resonates deeply.

“Uly is fighting for something bigger than himself. He’s driven to succeed not just for his career, but for his family, and that’s why he’s going to beat Zion.”

In the fiercely competitive world of bare-knuckle fighting, Bostwick believes Diaz’s combination of relentless hard work, strategic preparation, and unwavering family support will give him the edge against Zion Tomlinson.


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