“James Lilley Makes Big Statement at BKFC 36 – What’s Next for the Lightweight Champion?”

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“James Lilley Makes Big Statement at BKFC 36 – What’s Next for the Lightweight Champion?”

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At BKFC 36 in New Orleans, James “Lights Out” Lilley wins his fight in the stacked lightweight division at the end of the 3rd round when the fight was stopped after his TKO of Bobby “ OBD” Taylor. Describing how he felt in his interview with Bare Knuckle News, Lilley said, “It was a tough fight and a hard night.” He was referring to how he felt about his own performance, but says, “I am happy to get the win when I don’t think I performed at my best.”

Now Lilley may be positioned to be the lightweight contender against the BKFC World Champion Luis “Baboon” Palomino. Lilley has already “beaten the number 2, beaten the number 3, and beaten the guy who fought for the title,” and also says, “There’s no one else to fight.” He says he’s a big fan of Palomino’s and believes it would be a technical match. Lilley also loves the squared circle, saying, “It’s nice and big. It suits my style.”

Interestingly, Lilley is also a poet! When asked which is scarier, fighting in the squared circle or reading his poetry in front of an audience, Lilley responds, “Definitely the poetry, because the poetry is about my secrets, you know, the dark times in my mind. So, telling people all my secrets on stage is much scarier. Although getting punched by Bobby was quite scary.”

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