Jared Warren vs Danny Christie: The Most Anticipated Brawl in Leeds

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Bare Knuckle News (TM) caught up with Jared Warren at BKFC 53 Orlando, as he prepares for his BKFC 55 Leeds, UK bout against Danny Christie.

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Warren tells us:

“I’m excited about it, man. By no means (did I) think it would be an easy fight. I wouldn’t have accepted it if I did. I think it’s going to be a banger. When I say banger, I don’t mean it’s going to be sloppy. I mean, it’s going to be a lot of hard punches back and forth.”

“I do think he’s a solid opponent and going into enemy territory always comes with its fun. But I’m looking forward to it, man. I’ve never been to the UK. They got a lot of – I would say – like highly tuned-in fans over there. They really get into it. So I’m looking forward to it.”

‘Captain Deadpool’ feels like he has the experience edge heading into this contest. BKFC’s number three ranked light heavyweight likes to go in there and give people their first L, and Christie is 3-0 under the BKFC banner. Warren has done this before with previous opponents, and he will be knuckling up on November 18th to do it once again.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Jared talks about his training for BKFC Leeds
00:39 Jared talks about how he expects the fight to go down
01:15 Why Jared is excited
01:28 His thoughts on Danny Christie
01:54 Experience is the key

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