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Jimmy Justice On Mike Perry Training and Calls Out Multiple BKFC Fighters

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Jimmy Justice aka Jimmy Millar caught up with Bare Knuckle News at BKFC 60.

He was on hand at BKFC Milton Keynes as an observer and it has been over a year since he last fought in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. The 40-year-old halted Kyle Cassidy in the second round of their BKFC 37 bout last March.

Speaking to BKN about what he’s been doing since that BKFC debut, Millar said,

“I’ve been keeping ready. I’m ready for any fighter in the middleweight division in the BKFC. I’ve called out some names. They don’t want to fight me. They’re all too scared. Bart Krol, t-rex arms. When I called him out he said the elevator’s busy, use the stairs. I know what he’s saying. He’s had three fights and won them all.”

“I’m still stuck in the mud. I’m undefeated, but I’m looking for the next challenge. Arron Blakey, could you be there? I’m the baddest man in the BKFC. You see these fists? 1.5 million views, punching pallets. I’ve been boxing in the hills of Ireland. I’m afraid of no man.”

The pallet punching refers to a series of viral videos of Justice fighting in the woods as well as putting hands to the aforementioned wood pallets.

Speaking of creating a big online presence, few if any do that in bare-knuckle boxing quite like Mike Perry. Justice has trained with Perry and learned a lot of bare-knuckle-specific hooks from ‘Platinum’. “Thumb down, man down” was the tagline for the desired closed fist technique Perry imparted to Jimmy Millar.

As far as what’s next, justice will be served to whoever comes into the BKFC circle with Millar per his closing words.

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