Joe Elmore “I’m Coming Back Quick” After #BKFC51

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Joe Elmore fell short in a valiant effort against Dustin Pague at BKFC 51.

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Speaking to BKN after losing via unanimous decision in the evening’s co-main event, Elmore said, “I hurt my hand in the second round, and I think it started making me a little bit timid in the third. I never turned it back up and I kind of froze in the fourth, man. I stuck to my game plan. I feel I won the second. That was my only good round I really had, man. Yeah, I just got to turn it up more. I thought I didn’t have that ring rust.”

“But one year out I came in and I was way too hesitant. I felt like I was doing what I was doing at the gym, hesitating on my training partners trying not to knock ‘em out. I felt a little bit of that rust in there. I just got to come back in, got to put the same spirit in that I put in every time, and next time we’re just going to go harder. I live my life with love in a forward direction.”

Elmore was perfecting his game and staying in the lab during his hiatus from the BKFC squared circle. ‘Hitman’ was out of the squared circle for over a year with a couple of injuries and “mismatched fights” as well as event cancellations causing that dormant period from competition.

Elmore gave Pague a pillow at the weigh-ins for something comfy to sleep on after the fight. There was a lot of playful banter and fun rapport pre- as well as post-fight after a heater of a welterweight war between the two.

While there’s a lot of mutual love, Elmore is always keen to throw down in memorable bare-knuckle bouts with opponents of that caliber.

As for what lies ahead for Joe Elmore, he mentioned how he conversed with the matchmakers about getting him in there ASAP after his sixty-day medical suspension has elapsed.

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