John Dodson vows to KO JR Ridge in the first round to win inaugural flyweight title at BFKC 48, takes aim at Reggie Barnett Jr.

John Dodson eyes KO win at BKFC 48

In his first two BKFC fights, John Dodson has yet to see the second round. The longtime UFC fighter knows not many people can withstand his power and expects to KO JR Ridge in the first round to win the flyweight title.

“Of course, we already know I’m coming out and sacrificing both hands to solidify the win. I’ll do it in the first round,” John Dodson said. “I’m going to make sure I don’t go the distance. I want to have everybody terrified of me and they don’t even want to step into that squared circle with me… I see it playing out the exact same way the other two have. I’m going to hit him so many different times and different areas, he’s going to think he got jumped by the Dodson brothers.”

If John Dodson does end up getting the first-round KO he’s after, he already knows who he will fight next.

Dodson has been trying to face Reggie Barnett Jr., but the UFC fighter says Barnett Jr. keeps turning him down. However, he is adamant that if Barnett Jr. won’t go down to 125lbs, Dodson says he will move up to 135lbs to make the scrap happen.

“To be honest with you, JR wasn’t the opponent for this fight. I was supposed to fight Reggie Barnett but his mom told him he wasn’t able to fight. Since a champion at 135 was too much of a chicken shit to fight me, I literally have to go ahead and deal with second-best. When I knock out JR Ridge, I will get the opportunity to fight Reggie Barnett. If Reggie Barnett doesn’t want to do it at 125, I’ll more than gladly invite myself into 135. Just so I can teach his ass lesson,” Dodson concluded.

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