Jomi Escoboza battles Jared Warren in a rematch on June 21, 2024 at BKFC 62. The vacant light heavyweight title is on the line in this high-stakes contest.

Warren is the lone man to have beaten Escoboza in bare knuckle competition and did so back in July 2022. Also, Escoboza is the only man to have gone the distance with Warren among Jared Warren’s BKFC wins.

This fight doesn’t just allow Escoboza a chance at redemption but a broader opportunity to entrench himself into the annals of the sport. ‘The Archangel’ made history in BYB Extreme by becoming the first 185-pound bare-knuckle champion in America. Jomi Escoboza would be the first man to become a two-promotion champion in this weight category if he wins on Friday.

When discussing the historical significance of this looming showdown, Escoboza said,

“Yeah, so this fight I’ll definitely be making bare-knuckle boxing history and it’s a huge motivational push to make history in such a big sport. Such an early sport, it’s only six years in. Marking my name in the history books early and just being one of the bare-knuckle GOATs. One of the bare-knuckle originals that came from the backyard (and) started from nothing.”

Escoboza continued, “(I) didn’t have the crazy MMA background or crazy combat sports background. I literally came out (of) the mud of Miami. So you know it feels great to make history in this sport and keep collecting titles. Be the closest person in bare-knuckle boxing to be in there for (the) undisputed champion at a certain weight class.”

“Because you know in the four belt era of boxing, there’s four belts that you collect; all of them in one weight class and you’re undisputed. But in bare-knuckle boxing, there (are) only really two big promotions right now that (are) worthy of taking those belts. I already have the number two, I’m about to get the number one. That should get me right there in the undisputed talks.”

Also, Escoboza collected that BYB belt in Florida which would create a certain synergy if he were to win BKFC gold in his home state as well.

Jomi Escoboza vs Jared Warren II

Escoboza’s martial arts base is in kung fu and the bare-knuckle style of martial arts has helped him a lot. The traditional Shaolin style of the combative art has carried over to great effect in multiple bare-knuckle boxing promotions. The knuckle conditioning from kung fu has galvanized his fists to become effective weapons in this ever-growing sport.

Jomi Escoboza is not overlooking this fight at all but cruiserweight gold is an indicated goal for him down the line. Ideally, the 33-year-old would notch a couple of defenses of the light heavyweight belt before pursuing gold at 205 pounds thereafter. Escoboza has a win over ranked cruiserweight Esteban Rodriguez already. So this weight category isn’t uncharted territory for him at all.

The Florida native mentioned how more urgency will be present in this second Warren fight. Escoboza felt he was too comfortable in their initial altercation working singular jabs as opposed to a more pressure-oriented, combo-heavy game.


When discussing the action-heavy aspects both fighters look to bring to this sequel clash, Escoboza stated.

“In my mind, that’s what I’m thinking. That he’s coming to press the action because he’s the away guy. So in my mind, I already have that set in my mind. Even before he said it or before he was even thinking about it, in my mind I already put it there. Before he even put it there, so it’s like I’ve been prepared for all of that. I’ve been prepared for everything that he has coming.”

“I’ve gotten hit by his strongest punches, didn’t rock me, didn’t hurt me. Yeah, man, I’m gonna start dropping the bombs on this one, man. The last one, man, I did a disservice to everybody, to myself. Doing all of that damage and not even using both of my hands. So yeah, the amount of damage that’s going to be piling up in this one, if he survives long enough, it’s gonna be pretty disgusting.”

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