#JonBarnard Defeats Gareth Van Hook In Impressive Fashion! #bybextreme

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Jon Barnard won his second bare knuckle bout within six weeks, remaining unbeaten. He defeated Gareth Van Hook by second-round TKO.

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He told #bareknuckle news:
“I just knew that I was going to win this fight for the for the country of the United States. So, you know, that was my goal is also to to show that my first fight wasn’t a fluke. I got my first win and, you know, under two minutes. And I was like, oh, maybe that was a fluke. So hopefully today I was able to prove myself.

Fighting above his weight class did not faze him, as he believes weight is not a factor when skills are involved.

“I just knew that weight is not a factor when you got skills, you know, precision over timing, timing over power. I did not feel like this is not a huge change in my weight class. But if I do drop to 135, it’ll be much faster and much more explosive, you know, a little bit more agile, smoother with my punches and technique, my cardio is going to be even extraordinary out the roof, you know? ”

Barnard went on to say that transitioning from MMA to bare knuckle was natural for him, as he grew up fighting on the streets of Hawaii, and is biggest strength as a fighter is his ability to stay composed.

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