Josh Copeland’s Home Turf Triumph Over Steve Herelius In The Co-Main Event at #BKFC50 Denver

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Josh Copeland’s Home Turf Triumph Over Steve Herelius In The Co-Main Event at #BKFC50 Denver

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In the electrifying BKFC 50 Denver co-main event, the squared circle witnessed a triumphant spectacle as Josh “Cuddly Bear” Copeland took center stage in front of his exuberant hometown fans in the stacked heavyweight match. With the roars of the Denver crowd, Copeland landed a TKO victory over the formidable Steve Herelius.

In his post-win interview with Bare Knuckle News, Copeland said this clash with Herelius was like reliving the intensity of his bout with the revered Ben Rothwell. But this time, Copeland emerged victorious. Herelius, a former WBA Boxing Champion, was no easy adversary, yet Copeland sensed something. He believed Herelius might have been toying with him or perhaps fatiguing as the match progressed. The 3rd round TKO victory is a testament to Copeland’s determination, and despite his earlier setback against Rothwell, Copeland’s popularity and reputation have soared. His resilience shines through as he stands ready to square off against any challenger, eagerly eyeing a November or December card.

As he explained his affectionate moniker, “Cuddly Bear,” Copeland revealed a side of his personality that contrasts with the brutal nature of his sport. Yet, make no mistake, beneath that cuddly exterior lies a fierce competitor with a singular goal: to seize the belt and etch a legacy in the world of bare-knuckle combat. Copeland’s journey has only just begun with his extraordinary performance in BKFC 50.

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