#JoshuaOxendine Felt #markirwin Had “Nothing” for Him at BYB 17

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Joshua Oxendine lost to Mark Irwin by way of a polarizing majority decision in the inaugural BYB Extreme lightweight title fight at BYB 17: Brawl at Rock Hill.

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When questioned by BKN how he felt after losing by way of this verdict of the judges to ‘The Shark’, Oxendine said,

“I’m pissed, man. I’m irritated. You never leave it to the judges. I should have just finished him once I dropped him. But that was my mistake, man. I should have just took him out when I had a chance. But I sat back too conservative and I ended up breaking my hand in the third. It was my fault. I should have just took him out.”

When asked if he remembered the particular sequence where he broke his hand, Oxendine stated,

“I threw a right hook. Broke my right hand. Once I broke it, I couldn’t throw it no more. Then the ref took two points because I couldn’t throw my right hand. He kept telling me to throw my right hand. I couldn’t throw it. I didn’t know refs could take points because you can’t throw a punch, but it’s okay. We’ll go back to the drawing board. I’ll heal up and we’ll come back.”

Oxendine felt Irwin was slow. In hindsight, felt he should have listened to his coaches and thrown more volume but Oxendine was trying to be mindful of his gas tank. He felt he should have finished it when he had the chance and Joshua Oxendine said it bit him in the butt later on.

‘The Preacherman’ game plan was to be mindful of distance and stay long against Mark Irwin.

Also, when it was brought up if and when he’d like to have a rematch with Irwin, Oxendine quipped, “I’m going to knock him out. Six weeks. Right as soon as my hand heals up. I don’t even need a training camp for it. He really has nothing. I should have just listened to my coaches and threw.”

He performed for his hometown fans here and despite the raucous reaction he got, Oxendine was gutted at the nature of how the decision played out. Post-fight donuts and time with the family were to be had but the aim is for Oxendine to get right back on the horse.

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