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The fight between Joshua Oxendine and Oleksandr Sitarchuk took home “Knockout of The Night”, honors at BYB Extreme 24 in Biloxi, Miss.

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Fans were on their feet as Joshua battled through 2 eye pokes in the same eye and the loss of his vision. But he rallied in the 3rd round with a big knockout punch that echoed throughout the event center to win by TKO.

Discover Joshua’s journey from a medical setback to returning stronger, his decision between MMA and Bare Knuckle Boxing, and his plans before hanging up his gloves for good. Plus find out the real reason he’s called “The Preacher Man”.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Joshua on eye pokes and vision loss
00:54 How Joshua won the fight
01:27 Joshua also fights MMA
01:58 Joshua talks about the cyst they found on his brain
02:30 Joshua talks about the gym he owns
02:57 What motivates Joshua?
03:11 Wants the belt
03:32 Why he is ending his combat sports career in 2024
05:54 Close

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