‘Just Give Me The Opportunity, Jon’

UFC 295: Pavlovich v Aspinall
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The UFC Heavyweight champ was impressed.

Tom Aspinall became the third British UFC champion last night at UFC 295 (Sat., Nov. 11, 2023) when he knocked out Russia’s Sergei Pavlovich in the first round from inside Madison Square Garden to claim the interim title (watch highlights). He also received a $50,000 Performance of the Night check for his knockout.

Aspinall’s quick knockout got the attention of the currently injured Heavyweight champion.

“Tom congratulations on the interim heavyweight championship belt! That was an awesome performance!” Jones wrote on Twitter.

A compliment from Jones is fantastic for Aspinall, especially because four months ago, the British Heavyweight questioned if Jones even knew who he was. But it is safe to say Jones knows now.

During the UFC 295 post-fight press conference (watch here), Aspinall responded to Jones’ praise and begged him to stay around to fight him.

“I’ve seen Jon talking nice stuff about me on a podcast as well. It’s really nice, obviously,” Aspinall said. “Thank you, Jon, and just give me the opportunity, Jon. Let me do it. Give me my dream fight. Why not? I just achieved my dream now. Give me my dream fight, and let me fight for my legacy, please.”

The 30-year-old Heavyweight believes that a fight between him and Jones would be absolutely massive and blow the roof off of any arena or stadium in the United Kingdom. The problem is Jones has hinted several times that he will retire after fighting Stipe Miocic.

However, with Jones being the ultimate competitor and the UFC Heavyweight title defense record being only at three, you never know.

For now, Jones is recovering from a torn pectoral muscle that knocked him out of UFC 295.

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