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Justin Ibarrola “I’m the Pot of Gold at the End of That Rainbow” After BKFC 38

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Justin Ibarrola scored a unanimous decision win over Gilberto Aguilar at BKFC 38.

He won his bare-knuckle boxing debut and Ibarrola was 1–0 in gloved boxing prior to that.

When asked what the feeling was like connecting on someone without a glove on, Ibarrola said, “I’m not going to lie, the feeling didn’t affect me. But the damage from the inside is what got to me. Like, I got a little more hazy more than with the boxing gloves. So I feel like the internal damage got to me a little more than with gloves.”

“But quite honestly, I didn’t feel anything with my knuckles. I didn’t feel my face. I didn’t feel the cuts. I don’t know if it was adrenaline. I’ve never been in a bare-knuckle fight, street fight, nothing like that. I plan on keeping this face pretty. So let’s hope these stitches heal up pretty quickly.”

Ibarrola admitted he was disappointed in his conditioning and praised Aguilar’s ability to keep persevering after perceiving he’d been rocked a few times throughout the bout. Didn’t have the most intensive camp and mostly did bag work/ daily runs after lacking in sparring partners and a full-time head coach.

When discussing the slugfest nature of the fight, Ibarrola stated, “Listen, he’s a Mexican fighter. I’m a Puerto Rican and Filipino fighter. That’s all we do is we slug. No matter what, no matter how tired we get.”

Ibarrola grew up a wrestler and didn’t start boxing until he was 19. Not the savviest offensively with the clinch but admitted he was defensively responsible and knew how to protect himself within the active clinch. His high school wrestling instincts and six years of boxing-centric work were showcased during his April 21st victory.

This contest was postponed and initially was supposed to take place in his city of Delray Beach. The whole card had to be rescheduled last minute and Ibarrola had a St Patty’s day themed outfit for the initial bout. He maintained the ring attire for the rescheduled fight and wanted everyone to know “I’m the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.”

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