#KeithRichardson Wants Warm Bodies to Drop Cold Following #BKFC42 Greenville Win

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Keith Richardson scored an opening-round TKO over Cody Jenkins at BKFC 42 Greenville.

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Speaking with BKN’s ‘Big Boy’ Chris Jenkins after the fight, Richardson had a lot to discuss.

‘The Rockstar’ is now 2-0 as a bare-knuckle boxer and has wins across two BKFC divisions. Despite multiple opponent changes leading into this card, Richardson said just to get a warm body in front of him and he’ll drop them cold.

As far as which weight division he’d want to fight in going forward, Richardson said,
“I’m generally a bantamweight fighter. Like, you know, it’s a difficult cut, but it’s the right cut. It’s the right fit for me. I think I perform best there. You know, I was ready to fight at bantamweight this fight. Then I think Wednesday, we wound up changing the opponent. Changing the opponent for the fifth or sixth time and they said 145.”

“I was like, let’s do it. Get somebody in front of me and, you know, we’ll we’ll scrap. You know, I want to keep the fight going.”

As far as the machinations of the matchup and what he was specifically looking to capitalize on, Richardson stated,

“I just know my movement, my controlled pressure. I don’t come in there and just brawl, but I’m always in your face, you know. I try to stay always in range, but always out of range. Like this little wet blanket kind of pressure and stuff like that. Where you’re always like this much – this close to hitting me.”

“Then, like, every time I want to touch you, I touch you. Like, you know, my last fight, I had somebody that moved around just about as good as me, you know. Between me and this guy, me and (Justin) Scoggins. So we both got hit like, you know. Both of us, you know, pride ourselves on movement and we both, like, lumped each other up.”

Keith Richardson got into this sport because he was dealing with PTSD from his tenure as a Marine. The catharsis he gets from combat is palpable.

As far as what’s next, Richardson wants to stay the course and keep carving out a path toward a title shot at 135-pound gold one day.

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