Check out the video to watch Ken Shamrock answer this question: Why are there no ropes or cages?

Ken Shamrock: "One of the visions that I had for coming up with the bout circle was that when I was fighting early in my career, I fought in ropes and then later on I fought inside the cage and the one thing I kept hearing was vision people that were sitting in the front row or this six row back or even in the first balcony seats. It was the vision was constantly there, always trying to look around a fence or a rope, and it just felt like they weren’t getting the clarity of watching the fight very well. So I thought to myself, how could I make it more visually fantastic for the fans? And I came up with the idea of building this bout circle so that it had no ropes. It had no fence and that the way that we would keep people knowing the out of bounds surface was to build in a slant so that when they stepped up, they were able to understand they were moving out of the out of bounds area and move back to the circle. The funny thing that happened when we had our first event, which is wasn’t something that I visualized until after the first fight, was that not only was it visually friendly for the fans sitting in the front row or even on the floor was that it made the fight so much more exciting. I mean, it was so much faster. There was no laying on the ropes. There’s no backing up into the ropes. They had to constantly either move side to side or move forward. So yeah, that was a nice surprise."


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